Sailing Instructions

Race Committee

Dale Kushner (Chairman)

Wilhelm Von Schultz (MBYC)

Allan Lawrence (FBYC)

David Elcock

Race Secretary: Simone Balman


  1. RULES:
    1. This race is organised by the False Bay Yacht Club in conjunction with the Mossel Bay Boat and Yacht Club and is subject to all the rules and conditions as laid down in the Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions (including amendments).
    2. These Sailing Instructions shall be read in conjunction with the Notice of Race which shall be deemed to form an integral part of these Instructions. In the case of a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions the Sailing Instructions shall prevail.
  2. TIMES:
    All times printed in these Sailing Instructions, unless otherwise stated, shall be taken as South African Local Time (UTC plus 2 hours).
    The Official Notice Board will be situated at the False Bay Yacht Club foyer until the start of the race on 22nd September 2017. Thereafter it will be situated at the Mossel Bay Boat and Yacht Club.
    1. Amendments to the Sailing Instructions may be made by the Race Committee and posted on the Official Notice Board up to 2 hours before the start on the 22nd September 2017.
    2. Skippers are responsible for acquainting themselves with the details of any amendments, which will be posted on the Race Notice Board.
    While racing boats shall not use weather or navigational information or electronic aids which are not available to all competitors. No outside advice on routing shall be received during the race.
    1. In addition to the legal requirement set forth in the Notice of Race, each boat/entrant shall also comply with the requirements laid out in Schedule 1 safety and certify, on the safety declaration, that it does so comply.
    2. Each boat shall also have on board a cellular telephone in working order with charged batteries. This is required as an additional safety measure and also to call Race Control in terms of SI 16 and SI.19.

Crew lists (on the prescribed forms) shall be handed to the Race Office by not later than 16h00 Tuesday 19th of September 2017                 

    The Skippers Briefing will be held at 18h00 on Thursday 21st September 2017 at False Bay Yacht Club. It is COMPULSORY for either the skipper or Navigator to attend (Skipper or Navigator).
  2. COURSE:
    The course shall be from the start line in Simons Bay to the finish line in Mossel Bay.
    The start line will be between a flagstaff on the starting vessel flying a FBYC burgee and an orange pin end buoy, to leave the pin end to port. The starting vessel will be situated in Simons Bay and will give details of its position upon request on the race channel (VHF 71).
    The time of the start shall be 09h00 Local time. The warning signal shall be made at 08h55.
    1. All races will be started in accordance with RRS 26. The Numeral 1 pennant shall be used as the Class flag. There will be one start for all divisions.
    2. Times shall be taken from the visual signals and a failure or misfiring of a sound signal calling attention to starting signals shall be disregarded.
    Safety Sail Past – All boats from one hour before the start shall sail past the Committee boat (start boat), passing within 6 metres of it’s stern in the following configuration: Storm sail set on a stay(not hoisted free unless boat is designed for such.. eg.with Hydraulics) and at least one reef in the mainsail, All crew wearing life harness’s clipped to jackstays on the deck.

Any boat not complying may not start and will be recorded as such. 

    1. ISAF RRS 29 shall apply.
    2. The Bridge Officer may attempt to inform all premature starters on VHF Channel 71, but failure to do so will not be grounds for redress.
    Any boats wishing to start later than 15 minutes after the start may only do so by special arrangement with the Race Committee.
    1. The finish line will be a line between a flagstaff positioned on the roof of the MBYC club house bridge office [MBYC Club House bridge office coordinates: 034° 10.75 (South) 022° 08.48 (East)] and an oil tanker buoy (characteristics MO (U) Y 15s2M HORN 30S at approximate position 34° 08.66 (South) and 022° 08.48 (East)) bearing approximately 001° (true) from the MBYC Club House. The exclusion zone (a circle approximately with a radius of approximately 0.3 of a nautical mile around the buoy) shall not form part of the finish line.
    2. Boats finishing shall cross the line in a Westerly direction, leaving the MBYC club house to port and the oil tanker buoy to starboard.
    3. During the hours of darkness, the position of the flagstaff on the MBYC club house bridge office may be indicated by a flashing light.
    1. Boats shall, when nearing the end of the race, observe the following radio procedure:
      1. Report the boat’s ETA to Mossel Bay Race control by cellular telephone (use number 065-9834489) at a distance of 10 miles from the finish.
      2. Report the boat’s ETA on VHF Channel 71 to “Mossel Bay Race Control” when Cape St Blaize Lighthouse bears 270° (true) from the boat’s position.
      3. The boat shall remain in radio contact till after finishing so that the boats identity and finishing time can be positively confirmed.
    2. A boat’s failure to report in the above manner will render it liable to a time penalty.
    3. The official finishing time of any boat shall be that recorded by the Race Committee.
    4. When finishing between sunset and sunrise boats shall illuminate their sail numbers so that they may be identified by the finishing bridge crew.
    See NOR paragraph 4.
    Any boat retiring from the race or arriving after the time limit shall report such fact to the Race Committee as soon as possible by whatever means possible and, until arrival at its destination port, is requested to communicate their daily positions, to the Race Office.
    All boats shall report their name and time of crossing a line bearing 180° true from Cape Agulhas lighthouse on VHF channel 16 to Cape Town Radio. Cape Town Radio may require boats calling it to go from VHF channel 16 to a working channel. Boats are also Required to inform Race Control on cellular phone number 082 635 3282 by SMS or voice call, NOT whatsapp.
    1. The BASIC ELAPSED TIME of a boat shall be the interval of time from the starting time until it crosses the finish line.
    2. The CALCULATED ELAPSED TIME of a boat shall be the basic elapsed time amended, if applicable, by any penalties imposed and/or time allowances granted by the Race Committee.
    3. The CORRECTED TIME of a boat shall be the Calculated Elapsed Time multiplied by its IRC or ORC TCC or CLUB HANDICAP TCF, whichever is appropriate.
    4. HANDICAP PLACINGS shall be in ascending order of corrected time.
    5. ACTUAL PLACINGS shall be in ascending order of calculated elapsed time.
    The Race committee has the discretion to amend or give a boat a New Club rating at its discretion(Club Ratings).
    Protest cut off shall be 1 hr after race cut off. Race committee can extend this for good reason.

If a boat infringes any of the provisions of the Notice of Race or of the Sailing Instructions or any of the rules or regulations referred to therein, in circumstances which, in the opinion of the Protest Committee, do not constitute a gross breach thereof, she may be penalised by having her basic elapsed time increased at their discretion, giving due consideration to the particular breach ‘by such amounts (as guided by the Schedule in the Sailing instructions if applicable), in its discretion, deems fit. In addition, the Race Committee shall be entitled to disqualify a boat in the event of a gross breach of any of such provisions, rules or regulations.

    Boats whose entries have been accepted will, at the discretion of the Protest Committee, be liable to time penalties on their basic elapsed times in respect of the following infringements:
Description Max Penalty
Submission of incorrect information to Race Committee 90 minutes
Late submission of required documentation


60 minutes
 Non Attendance at Skippers Briefing 60 Minutes
Failure to report position

Failure to comply with radio procedure at finish of race

60 minutes

60 minutes

Failure to operate the tracking unit for the duration of the race 60 min


  1. The race channel shall be VHF channel 71.
  2. Each boat shall use its name as a voice call sign.
  3. VHF radios shall be capable of transmitting/receiving on all normal VHF channels
  1. CHARTS:
    The following charts shall be carried on board(paper charts in addition to whatever electronic charts are used):-


SAN 120………………………………Cape Point to Cape Agulhas

SAN 121………………………………Cape Agulhas to Cape Barracouta

SAN 122………………………………Cape Barracouta to Cape St Blaize

SAN 1020………………………..……Mossel Bay

    Tracking units shall be issued to all vessels, with instructions for installation. Failure to leave the tracking unit on for the duration of the race and operate correctly will result in a penalty. No boat may start without an operating tracker.
    All tracking units shall be installed and tested by no later than 16h00 on 20th September 2017.
    1. Final classes will be issued on the Notice board before the Skippers Briefing.
    2. Those wishing to sail ORC need to lodge their final Rating certificates by 16h00 Tuesday 19th of September 2017 to be considered for this class.
    3. Should there be an ORC class, they may carry one additional downwind sail to that stated on her IRC/ORC certificate.
    Boats will be allocated a mooring either on the marina, the wharf or the anchorage. Boats that do not comply as directed will be subject to disqualification or a penalty as imposed by the race committee/Protest Committee and face a possible ban to future events.
    The following checklist must be completed and verified before any vessel may start the Mossel Bay Race 2017.- See standard check sheet on Race Website.